New Medtronic 630g - 3 Hour Review (first Impressions) : Diabetes by tubetraveller T1 1999 Medtronic 670g/CGM I received my new pump, Medtronic's latest, about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately I had to travel for work on back-to-back weeks and didn't want to be going through a learning curve while out of town. So, this morning I finally sat down and spent some time to get it going. I know it would have been faster/easier to have a Medtronic rep. help me through it, but it's honestly not that complicated. The first thing that jumps out is size. It's big. I'm not sure what historical precedent there is when a new technological device is larger than the one it is replacing. Imagine if the next macbook was thicker than the one it was replacing - there'd be outrage. If you put on the silicone case that Medtronic is nice enough to provide to you, it's even bigger. It's honestly, without exaggeration, easier to conceal a handgun than it is to conceal this pump. If this was something about which I was aware, it might have dissuaded me from moving to this device. With its larger size, I worry it's going to get clunked on things easier - which will bring up questions of its durability. To help prevent this, you can put on the silicone case, but then it's even b Continue reading >> My new endo wants me to consider a Medtronic 630G + CGM. I'm currently on MDI. She is suggesting this one because it turns off the insulin if one goes low. Does anyone have any experience with this? I've not worn a pump before so any words of wisdom/opinions would be appreciated. It's a pretty new pump! I have only seen 2 user reviews and 1 hates it and the other loves it. I do recommend an insulin pump as long as one knows how to use it. The pumper needs to be the one that manages all things that happen with it so I would not connect this 630 pump to me. I do not want my pump to make decisions regarding turning off my insulin. Is this pump/CGM covered by Medicare or a Medicare supplement?